Fish is considered a delicacy in many countries because of its unique sea-salt flavor and taste. Fish is cooked in numerous ways. Finger fish, fried fish, grilled fish or just steamed fish is enjoyed all around the world. Fish come in a wide variety as well such as snappers, trout, kingfish, tuna, salmon, et cetera. Each variety has a different flavor and texture. Apart from fish, other sea creatures such as lobsters, prawns, shrimps, and squid are considered as luxury foods.

However, fish gives a lot of chefs nightmares. It is difficult to preserve the taste and texture which often gets lost when fish is cooked with the wrong technique. There is nothing as disgusting as undercooked or overcooked fish. There needs to be a perfect balance of all the flavors, and the seasoning should not overwhelm the natural sea-salt taste of the fish.

Simple Tips To Cook Perfect Fish
Simple Tips To Cook Perfect Fish

These tips can help you cook over-indulging fish:

Catch Your Own Fish:

Nothing beats the taste of fresh fish! After hours spent on the boat, patiently waiting for your reel line to be tugged, who wouldn’t love to have a great supper with the fish you just caught? Fish that spend some time on the ice or in water after being caught tend to lose some of the flavors that make fish so unique. Catching fresh fish preserves its flavor and makes the unique taste stand out even more.

Different fishing grounds might breed the same type of fish; however, due to differences in the diet of the fish, the taste of the fish differ slightly. You need to ensure you catch your fish from the best fishing grounds.

Several fishing charters in Cozumel are available. However, one name stands out above all is the Cozumel deep sea fishing where you can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of the deep ocean off the coast of Cozumel as well as engage in fishing in one of the most versatile fishing grounds.

Cozumel fishing grounds feature fish such as snapper, Barracuda, Marlin, Triggerfish, Blackfish tuna, Dorados, Wahoo, Sailfish, and Groupers. The charter allows you to sit back after a good catch while their chef fillet and gut the fish for you and prepare a fantastic supper for you as well.


After catching your fish, you might want to bake it. An important tip is to observe the time. Dress the fish with a light seasoning of salt and pepper, a touch of herbs, and that is all you need to bake a fish. You can add a light brushing of sauce as well, however, be careful to keep it light so as not to overwhelm the natural flavor of the fish. Baking is very well suited for oily fish such as salmon.


Poaching is best for fish that have a firmer flesh such as salmon or halibut. Depending on the flavor you want to infuse, they can be poached in a variety of liquids such as miso, apple juice, wine, broth, or even milk. Poach the fish on a medium simmer for 10 minutes and season it with onions, leeks, carrots, et cetera. Shellfish such as clams and oysters also test the best when they are poached in a seasoned broth.


Grilling is a great way to add more flavor to your steaks or fish. Marinating thick pieces of fish is recommended as it retains moisture and adds more flavor. Pre-heat the grill to high. When the grill becomes hot, set fire to a medium and lightly brush the grill with some olive oil. Lightly season with herbs and salt and pepper to get the best flavor out of your fish.

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