Have you ever thought that your eating habits have an impact on this earth? You might have not, but you can save the environment by just eating healthy. You do the environment a great favor by eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat.

Some findings have shown you can bring 6% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases by eating more locally-grown produce, more natural foods, or more seafood. By opting for such diets, you are not only saving the environment but taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

How Are You Saving The Environment By Eating Healthy?
How Are You Saving The Environment By Eating Healthy?

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Anyways, saving the environment is as simple as eating healthy. Pay heed to what you eat. You are here to give you some information on how you make it possible to save the environment by just eating healthy.

Type of food:

Cutting down on meat can make a significant difference as eating meat has a great impact on the environment. Raising animals needs more resources than growing vegetables. In the process of bringing meat from farm to fork, climate warming pollution is released that is far more than that is in producing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. You can reduce the impact on the environment by eating vegetable-based foods. Fish farming also contributes to sustainability and you can add fish to your diet.

Planning meals strategically:

People waste tons of food on daily basis without realizing that they are taking part in the destruction of this earth. You can reduce food waste by portioning your meal. Improve your eating habits by planning meals strategically. This would help you lower the environmental impact. Buy only the things you need for specific meals you are planning. Consider eating your leftovers for the next meal. When planning something to cook, look in the kitchen if you can utilize something you already have.


You will find a whole lot of imported stuff in your supermarket. Globalization has made innumerable things possible but everything comes at a cost. Having food from overseas comes with a considerable environmental cost. Buying food from the local farmers can reduce this cost. Emissions from transport can be minimised this way. Reduce your carbon footprints by eating locally. Let your diet fluctuate by eating what grows in a particular season in your area.

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