Is it time for you to search for a new job?  Well then you have quite a big challenge ahead of you.  Landing a good and high paying job in the food and cooking industry is quite tough. Job scarcities in just about every job sector have made job hunting incredibly competitive even for chefs.  Restaurants are also extremely cautious about the chefs they hire because a chef can put the entire restaurant’s reputation on the line and also has the health of each and every customer in his hands.  Restaurants and food companies are incredibly critical when it comes to their personnel and the resume you hand in will be researched in depth to ensure that you have what it takes for the job.

How are resumes reviewed by companies?
How are resumes reviewed by companies?

If you want to know how to write a resume that will please hiring companies and human resource teams then you should first learn exactly how the resume is reviewed by these companies.  If you know what companies look for in a resume then you will be able to include all the right information in the right format and increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

Your resume isn’t likely to be entirely read

Most businesses and especially HR companies are usually flooded with hundreds of resume applications.  This makes it tough to stand out especially since the likelihood that your entire resume will be read is basically zero.

Remember that resume screening is quick

Resumes received by large companies and recruiters are usually entered into a database.  Once all applications are listed in the database, the recruiter will scan through the database by searching certain keywords that match the job niche.  These keywords can be your experience, certification level, skills you may have and more.  In just a few minutes all of the resumes that have the right keywords will pop up and the rest will immediately be discarded.

Smaller companies use manual shortlisting methods.  The resumes are received via email and most recruiters will give each and every resume just a quick scan before deciding whether or not it is worth the time.

How employers give your resume a quick scan

When the employers scan through shortlisted resumes they will scan more in debt and check the following;

  • All summaries are discarded. The first thing they will check is your work history and career background.
  • Recruiters will scan for the right keywords that are preferred for that specific job.
  • Education, certificates and other skills are scanned.
  • Resumes are categorized in two piles; a maybe pile and a no pile. The maybe pile will then be scanned in debt and candidates will once again be shortlisted so only the best will be called up for the interview.

Recruiters will only give your resume a quick scan and they will decide to interview you based on the right keywords you used, the type of work experience you included and the qualifications you have.  If you only have seconds to prove that you are worthy of an interview then it is probably best to use an Excellent Resume Writer to get your resume written as professionally as possible and so your resume will include all the right keywords and information.

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