• The Top 5 Foods That Help You Study and Score Good Grades

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    Have you been feeding your brain lately? Yes, you read that right! There are certain foods known as ‘brain foods’ that help increase your concentration levels and improve your memory. This in turn helps a lot while you’re studying – better understanding and better retention of information! Obviously, there are other things that help with academics as well such as Third Space Mentors. They offer executive function training, in-home test prep, academic coaching and a lot more. You can easily Find ThirdSpace on Facebook! Without further discussion, here are the top 5 brain foods!

    The Top 5 Foods That Help You Study and Score Good Grades

    1. Fish

    How can fish help improve concentration levels? The appropriate response lies in the high groupings of Omega-3 unsaturated fats found in fish. These unsaturated fats are fundamental to appropriate neural capacity. The majority of our mind is comprised of greasy tissue, so it bodes well that eating fish and different foods high in unsaturated fats would help us concentrate increasingly and figure out how to study all the more proficiently. As per a few researches detailed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating fish frequently can likewise diminish your danger of dementia as you grow older, another sign of its effect on mind health.

    1. Nuts

    Need to know how to study better? Go nuts! Like fish, many types of nuts, for example, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts contain high amounts of basic unsaturated fats that help your mind to perform better. As an additional advantage, nuts contain a decent measure of iron and furthermore give oxygen to the mind which builds your mental sharpness and capacity to retain data. At least one ounce of nuts for every day is suggested for ideal brain health. Since nuts are high in unsaturated fat (otherwise known as the “great” fat) and calories, they make for incredible sources of energy also. Sounds like an impeccable formula for better grades!

    1. Whole Grains

    Eating lots of refined carbs like white bread and pasta is terrible for your physical wellbeing, as well as prompts languor, torpidity, and mental bluntness. Fortunately, whole grains have a tendency to have the inverse impact and can contribute to better memory and far better grades. Chow down on whole grain breads, wafers, and pasta while you study for a quick boost of energy.

    1. Apples

    Evidently, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, as well as help you enhance your study habits and academic performance as well. The peel of the apple incorporates an intense cancer prevention agent called quercetin that improves your memory. So what are you waiting for? Grab an apple and start munching on it! A better idea would be to have an apple with your breakfast every day.

    1. Cruciferous Vegetables

    In the event that you’re somewhat corroded on your vocabulary, “cruciferous” vegetables make up a group of vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and bok choy. A research by Harvard Medical School uncovered that these sort vegetables had the best impact on memory maintenance, which means they are the well on the way to help you accomplish better grades. Eating these vegetables raw is the most ideal approach to get the ideal healthful advantage, since cooking them frequently cooks out the minerals and vitamins your body and your brain require most.

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  • Food to eat before heading to the gym

    Food to eat

    Exercising is the one thing that we all know is important to enhance a fit and healthy lifestyle. And going to the gym is something that most of us are doing on a daily basis. However, the one thing that you might not know is what food you should eat before heading to the gym. You don’t want to eat unhealthy snacks before working out at the gym. Here are a couple of ideas of food that you can eat before you’re heading to the gym:


    Who doesn’t like eating a banana? And by eating a banana, you are getting more benefits than what you will ever think.

    A banana is known as one of the super fruits that are not only healthy, but give you the nutrients that you need to work out. You will get enough carbohydrates from one banana to exercise for one hour. If you are serious about working out, then eating a banana before going to the gym is a must.

    Your bowl of oats

    With so many different cereals, it can be really hard to know which cereal is best to eat before a workout. If you are searching for the right type of cereal, then oats are the answer.read post here!

    Not only is oats full of nutrients that you need, but it will keep you fuller for longer. You will not want to eat snacks between meals, when you have eaten a bowl of oats with your banana.

    Caffeine drinks

    Yes, you read right. Drinking a caffeine drink before you are going to the gym might not be such a bad idea. The caffeine is giving you the necessary energy to work out. This is especially a good idea if you are tired and really not feeling in the mood for working out.

    Any caffeine drink might work, but you need to be careful of the caffeine drinks with added sugar, especially if you are trying to lose weight and stay as fit and healthy as possible.

    Fruit smoothies

    If you are going to the gym first thing in the morning, and you are not a breakfast eater, then you can always consider making yourself a fruit smoothie.see more information from http://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/what-to-eat-before-and-after-your-workout-2093913

    Any fruit smoothie will do the trick, but if you are adding a banana, oats and yogurt to the smoothie, you are really going to make yourself a power shake. For some sweetness you can always add some honey or strawberries. Oh, and don’t forget the nuts.

    Food to eatThere are many benefits for you in going to the gym on a daily basis, especially if you are trying to stay fit and healthy. But the one thing that most people don’t realize is that they need to eat the right foods before they are heading to the gym.

    These are some great examples of foods that you can consume before you go. You should be careful of too much sugar. The one thing that you should not do, is to go to the gym on an empty stomach. Everyone should eat one of these foods, before they are going to the gym, or exercising at home.

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  • Best Cookies to Spoil your Kids with

    Best Cookies to Spoil

    We all know how kids love great cookies. But, we also know how cookies can be really unhealthy, especially if you don’t know how to buy or bake cookies that are healthier and still taste great.

    There are many things that you can do to ensure that your kids are still eating the cookies that they love, but with the reassurance that these cookies are healthy. Here are a couple of things that you can do in order to give your children the best cookies to spoil them, but to ensure that they are still relatively healthy:

    Cookies without sugar

    Considering baking cookies without sugar might seem impossible, especially to give to your children. But you will be surprised about the amount of cookies that you can bake for your children that has alternative ingredients without sugar in the ingredients.

    These cookie recipes might be hard to find, but there are many of these cookies that you can bake where you can leave the sugar and add a substitute for the sugar. Most cookies will not end up a flop without sugar.

    Cookies with nuts and dry fruit

    If you don’t want to leave out sugar, but you are still looking for some healthy ingredients that you can add to your cookies, then you can always add nuts and dry fruit to the cookies. Then the cookies will be still very delicious to the kids and a treat for them, but it will be healthier and you will not feel as guilty giving them unhealthy treats.get more details at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/christmas-cookie-recipes_us_58403518e4b017f37fe2e295

    The great thing with adding nuts and fruit, is the fact that you don’t really need to have a special recipe. You can add these ingredients to any sugar cookie recipe and it will come out tasty and delicious.

    Oats cookies with a twist

    One type of cookie that we all like is the oats cookies. But we all know that these cookies are really unhealthy because of all the added sugar.
    You can exclude some of the sugar and add some honey for the sugary taste. You should just make sure that your dough is still firm enough to make into a cookie.

    Finding these cookie recipes

    Best Cookies to SpoilIf you want to try any of these tips, but you are afraid that your cookies will not be tasty or that the dough will not be suitable for making cookies, you can always just search for cookies that are healthier on the Internet. There is no reason that you should give your children unhealthy cookies, just because you don’t know where to find healthier alternative cookies.

    We all know that children of all ages really love eating cookies, but finding cookies that are healthier and have less sugar can be hard. There are many different ways that we can make sure that we still spoil our children, but without the sugar. These are just a couple of ways that you can give healthier cookies to your children. There are many ideas online that you can use for healthier alternative cookies than the cookies with added sugar.

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  • Wise things to know when starting a food business

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    Starting a business in the food industry is fairly challenging as there are quite a few rules and regulations to abide by. Whether you are looking at buying a food truck or opening a restaurant you might wonder where to being. There are so many websites where successful entrepreneurs share tips and advice on how they started their business and what it took to become successful. The food industry is incredibly competitive so it is important that your business will have an edge and target the right market. There are also legal implications in the food industry so quality is king with this line of business.

    Wise things to know when starting a food business

    Many successful food product vendors suggest that you should start with one signature product that will impress the masses and give your business a name out there. Visit your favorite delis and bakeries and find inspiration. Speak to restaurant owners and ask them how they got started. There is no harm in getting advice from people that have already accomplished their dream in the food industry. If you are looking at packaging your creations you need to make it exciting and unique. Click here to take a look at legal requirements to start a business in the food industry.

    You are following your dream by starting your own business but it is important to realize that you might not make money immediately so find another way to make money. If you have a job currently you might want to keep it on a half day basis. It takes a lot of time and energy to start a new business with very little return. If you decide to have staff employed at your establishment you should make use payroll service that can handle the red tape involved with salaries and the software you need to make sure your staff gets paid professionally. These are services that can only strengthen your interpersonal relationships with your staff and keep everything legal and correct.

    As a new business owner you need to be frugal with all overhead costs. Expenses can easily kill your dreams. You need to be able to prove that clients want what you are selling and that they will be willing to pay for it. Remember that no one can sell your food product or service better than you can because you have passion and enthusiasm for what you created so make sure that you are the first person that gets your product out there and noticed. Get customer feedback and listen to what your clients have to say. This will give you an idea what you need to change. Click here to learn more about the importance of customer feedback. There are many mentors available online and in your local community. If you are unsure about anything in the food industry make time to find out. Listen to the experts and don’t allow yourself to be stubborn. Pretty soon you will be the seasoned food business owner and people will ask you for advice.

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  • Keeping Track of Your Food Intake

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    You may not realize the reason why you need to focus on your food intake throughout the day. In fact, you may not like doing it because you feel that it takes up too much of your time as you focus on the preparing food.

    One of the options that you have at present time is to have a notebook handy and a pen. Whenever you eat something, you will write it down on the notebook. At the end of the day, you can look at the food that you have eaten and decide if you were able to stick to your diet or not. You have to be honest about the food that you are going to eat. If you eat a candy bar, write it down. You may research online about the amount of calories present in the candy bar so you can compute the calories you have eaten throughout the day.

    Keeping Track of Your Food Intake

    Keeping track of the food that you eat may be somewhat similar to what bookkeepers can do. If you are searching for bookkeepers that you can hire to keep track of the finances of your business, then you can go to www.bookkeeperco.com.au. You can be sure that you will only be dealing with professional and highly skilled bookkeepers that can help you with all of your bookkeeping needs.

    If you find using a pen and paper to keep track of your food intake too boring, another option that you may have is to download an application on your phone. There are different applications that you can have whether you are an iOS or an Android user. These applications come with a wide variety of features that can be useful for you.

    The different goals you may have when it comes to your food intake are the following:

    • As much as possible, you would like to keep your portions small. This is especially true if you do not want to give up eating the food that you love. It will all be about portion control.
    • Double check if the food you have eaten contains a lot of sugar or if the food that you have eaten are high in calories.
    • You can double check if you only ate when you are hungry. There are some reports that state that you should eat 5 small portions every day but there are some opposing studies saying that people should only eat when they are hungry. You may want to incorporate this into your eating lifestyle – to only eat when you see the need to do so.
    • What is the type of foods that you have included in your meals? Did you eat fruits, vegetables and enough fiber and whole grains? If you answer no, you should double check the menu of the food that you normally eat.

    You should remember that the food you are going to eat will depend on a wide variety of factors. The amount of calories you need may not be the same with another person’s needs.

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