Snorkeling is an amazing activity that you absolutely must enjoy whenever you visit a beach.  The Cozumel snorkeling tours from Playa del Carmen is mind-blowing.  On these guided snorkeling adventures you will learn great snorkeling tips and tricks, have fun with a small group of snorkelers and saw fantastic sea creatures that you might have never even seen on TV.  The coral reefs in Playa del Carmen is breathtaking and overrun with tons of tropical fish, starfish, stingrays, sea turtles and much more.  You will also be perfectly safe and sound as you enjoy this type adventure because snorkeling tour agents will keep an eye out for you if you are not an experienced snorkeler.

Mealtime Solutions for When You Go Snorkeling
Mealtime Solutions for When You Go Snorkeling

It is pretty common to get very hungry while you are having fun at sea.  Snorkeling does involve a fair amount of cardio which can make you pretty hungry after just a short while.  But figuring out what to pack for lunch when you are going out to sea can be quite a headscratcher, especially when you want to avoid getting seasick on the boat.

Foods to avoid

It is important to avoid eating a heavy breakfast before you go out swimming, snorkeling or out at sea.  A heavy breakfast can make you feel tired, ill and nauseated with the motion of the water.  For your lunchbox, you can also avoid heavy foods, fat or greasy foods, particularly spicy or sweet foods and foods that contain a lot of dairies.  It is also important to keep your food storage in mind so you don’t end up with food poisoning when your food is sitting on the boat deck for quite a long time.

The best foods for snorkeling trips

The best foods to take along for your trip are foods that are lighter.  A snack type food that won’t spoil in the heat is best.  Here is a quick list of all the best mealtime solutions for while you are enjoying a snorkeling trip;

  • Trail mixes like mixed packs of nuts and dried fruits are always best for your snorkeling trip. Trail mixes are light on your stomach and don’t contain a whole lot of fats which reduces the chances of getting seasick.  Just be careful not to grab trail mixes that contain a lot of spices.
  • Health bars are also great snacks to take along when you go snorkeling. They are easy to eat even if you are all wet and packed with energy.
  • Energy bites like oatmeal bites are also great for your trip.
  • Dried fruits and fruit rolls are also great and the sweetness will boost your energy while you are exploring reefs.
  • Lean beef jerky that doesn’t contain too much salt can also be a great protein snack.
  • Fresh fruits can also keep nausea at bay when you go on a boat.
  • Veggie strips with a light dip can be quite refreshing while you are exploring the depths of the ocean.

With these foods, you can stay energized, refreshed and motion sickness free while you are exploring a spectacular underwater world.

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