Have you ever caught a fish before? If you have not caught one yet, it is never too late to begin. A lot of people only experience catching a fish when they start investing on things that can entertain them. For example, there are some people who would like to invest on fishing gear. This is possible especially if you purchase the right type of fishing gear.

What are the fishing gears that you need? You need to choose the right reel. You can learn more about that if you are curious to find out what things you need in order to pick. These are some of the other things that you need in order to properly catch a fish:

  • The right fishing rod that will allow you to get the fish with ease.
  • The right bait will attract the fish that you want to get.
  • A boat that you can use whenever you go fishing will also be essential. If you do not have a boat, you can also rent your own.

Now that you have caught a fish, what are you going to do then? You need to know how to clean it properly. It can be intimidating especially if you have never done it before. You need to kill the fish as humanely as possible so that it will not feel a thing. You are recommended to hit the head of the fish on a rock so that it will be stunned then quickly cut through the back of the neck so that it will not feel anything. It will hopefully not feel anything and once it is dead, you can start cleaning it.

Catching Cleaning and Cooking a Fish - Some Tips
Catching Cleaning and Cooking a Fish – Some Tips

This is the process you can follow to clean the fish:

  1. Cut the fish from its anus going up to its gills.
  2. Remove the innards.
  3. Get rid of the stuck blood that you may see in certain spots of the fish.
  4. Get rid of the gills and guts. These parts can be placed back into the water.

At this point, you have already cleaned the fish properly. You need to decide how you are going to cook it. There are various ways to cook a fish but if you want it to be cooked immediately, you can either grill it or fry it. You can choose the cooking method that is most convenient for you.

You can barbecue it over the fire that you have created when you are camping. You can just add a little bit of salt and pepper to make it taste better but if you do not have any herbs, spices, and condiments, the fish will still taste great because it is fresh. If you want more elaborate ways of cooking the fish, you can place the fish in ice and bring it back home. At home, you will have the different items and ingredients you will need to cook the fish the best way possible.

Do you still think that catching, cooking and cleaning the fish is still complicated? Catching is probably the most complicated method to do but once you already have your fish, you have nothing to worry about anymore.

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