Surely you are aware of the fact that most people think picnics involve fried chicken and potato salad. However, picnics come in all shapes and sizes and should therefore be just as flexible in their food choices. That’s why we have created a piece on the best food ideas for picnics.

Best Food Ideas for Picnics

But before we delve into food, we should think about where we want to go for our picnics. There are some incredible picnicking ideas available online, but we will only suggest a few for you here:

  • Waterside- If you choose to be by the water for your picnic adventures, we think getting out on the water is just as valuable as the picnic on the shore. Therefore, we suggest you look into inflatable paddle board reviews to see if that might not be a great means of adventure and excitement. Believe it or not, inflatable boards are actually better than the hard board versions, they are more flexible, practical, and fun.
  • On the Road– Sometimes picnics serve a functional purpose. Such is the case for those planned while traveling. Having a roadside picnic can add to the joy of the travel. And, if you have children, it is an excellent way of allowing them to stretch their legs and release some of the built up energy that occurs when cooped up in a car for long stretches.
  • Playgrounds- Taking your kids to the playground can sometimes be a daunting task. It seems there are a never ending supply of, “Watch me!” and “Come push me!” requests and demands. But, if you allow time for setting up a picnic to watch them, you might feel that the endeavor is all the more enjoyable.
  • Concerts- Many cities offer concerts in the park. This is a great chance to get out in the fresh air with someone you love. Intimate time spent on a blanket listening to live music, might be exactly what you need to get up and face another grueling day at the office.

If you’re looking for additional picnic ideas, this link is an excellent resource. And with that information, you’ll be ready to start choosing the foods you want to incorporate into the experience.

Great Picnic Food Suggestions

Let’s sidestep the fried chicken and get a little more creative in our picnic planning endeavors. We would like you to consider these great picnic food suggestions before you take your next foray in the great outdoors:

  1. Sturdy Foods– If you’re going to the beach, you will want food that can stand up to the heat. We suggest you consider spicy cold chicken, and a bitter orange crostata. You should also pick up some lemonade, tortilla chips, and guacamole. Bring along some sliced watermelon to really even it out.
  2. Homemade- When you’re on the road, some homemade turkey wraps, crackers and Swiss cheese, fruit and chocolate bars will make for a great picnic stop.
  3. Backpack it- Playground picnics necessitate backpacks. Consider a yin-yang sandwich (read the recipe here), some carrot sticks with hummus, potato chips, juice boxes, and water.
  4. Divide and conquer– Your concert picnic date should be a grand slam with these ideas. Go for a main course and dessert. Include eggplant pasta salad (click this for the recipe), a baguette and cheese(s), chips, cherry tomatoes, fruit, and wine.

Then enjoy your picnic wherever you end up!

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